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Can you best the Queen's champion fencer?
Score by striking your opponent with your weapon's beak!
First to three points wins the Match. Best of three, the Game!

Here's the catch... The Queen has armed her own champion with a flamingo fit for battle. The Spade however, must make do with a most uncooperative bird.

Player 1 (Spade)

Left : Retreat
Right : Advance
Up : Jump
X : Thrust (holding Down for a low attack)
C : Parry

Player 2 (Heart)

Mouse (movement): Retreat, Advance, Jump

Mouse (click): Attack (when cursor is White)

press "R" to Reset.

Here's how scoring works:

-Hitting your opponent with your flamingo's beak scores you a Point. The page (white rabbit) raises a flag indicating which payer scores first.

-The painter on the left keeps track of Points by painting roses (black for you, red for the heart). First to 3 Points wins the Match.

-The King of Hearts keeps track of the Match winner, raising a sign for heart or spade. This triggers the painter on the right. Best of 3 Matches wins the Game.

Notes for the Spade:
X and C (thrusting and blocking) will result in different motions based on the location/orientation of your flamingo's head/beak. Experiment to find the best times to attack or defend

Trouble scoring points? Try following up a jump with a low attack, or thrusting after a well timed parry.

If your flamingo gets tangled, mashing buttons may help.

Game seem unfair? Take it up with the Queen!

Thanks for playing!