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Curiosity catches a surreal glimpse of New Wonderland.

Alice finds herself in The United Suits of Hysteria, a self-described democracy led by the newly elected President, the Queen of Hearts.

Based very loosely on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

The game (if you can call it that) has no "goal" per se, other than exploring the monologue/dialogue. The intro portion has no character control, just a soliloquy. When the text is done scrolling, pressing RIGHT will show the next couple stanzas. This section's a bit of an experiment with text-pacing with images, sounds, and camera control instead of pages and illustrations. DOWN will speed up the scroll, and UP reverses it to allow for re-examining of art.

Once the player hits bottom and the character becomes Alice, all that's left are dialogue trees for a couple NPCs. Pressing [X] will advance the dialogue if an NPC has spoken or if Alice can't choose a response. If Alice can choose a response, the dialogue options and keys [Z/C/X/V] show up at the bottom of the screen. As the Cheshire Cat speaks, parts of him will fade based on the topic. The line where he says go through the door, and the door itself for that matter..both are casualties of a scene that was cut, which would have revealed more about the workings of Wonderland politics. If this hadn't been a buzzer-submission I would've ditched the door-it only serves to confuse, but it stays there with the rest of the bugs til judging's well in the rear-view.

The Fool's lines (haikus and poetry) do indeed loop. It shouldn't auto-restart, that's a definite bug, though I did intend him to repeat himself (not Alice, her lines should've been written for repeat encounters). Since the last (and arguably most important scene) didn't make it into the game, I thought it best to let show the Fool's full tree without having to repeating the soliloquy. For the longest bit of the Fool's poetry, choose [V]:What did you just call me? (the option's faded from a text-vignette overlap bug). You can move while the Fool's talking, but if you go too far he'll forget where he was and start over.